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Egg CSA available for pick-up with your veggies!

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Hi folks,
Please see below for a great local food option from our friends Danielle and Nick at BOTL farm:
BOTL Farm, a sustainability-focused livestock farm in Ashford, CT, is offering an egg CSA for pick-up at Willow Valley Farm’s on-farm CSA location (Monday/Friday only). The eggs will be available at the same time and place as you’re already picking up veggies and will last the same period of 20 weeks!
By becoming a member of the egg CSA, you will pick up one container of 12 eggs each week during your normal veggie pickup. The eggs will be packaged in reusable containers which *must be returned* at the following week CSA pickup (this helps reduce waste and cost). 
If for any reason you cannot pick up your egg CSA on your scheduled pickup day, email danielle@BOTLFarm.com two days in advance. Danielle will coordinate an alternate pickup for your week’s eggs at BOTL Farm. This alternate pickup is allowed twice within the 20-week CSA season.
Total cost of the egg CSA is $120. 
To sign up, send an email to danielle@BOTLFarm.com.
More information on this local farm and their eggs available below:
Our flock of laying hens is primarily crosses of Rhode Island Reds, with a few Easter Eggers, Barred Rocks, and New Hampshires for variety. All the chickens live on pasture and, like all our other animals, are rotationally grazed. Their nesting boxes, roosts, and supplemental feed (not to mention weather protection) are in a sweet-looking 1980’s mobile home that we drag around with our tractor to take the chickens to new areas. They are free to pass in and out of their coop/mobile home as they please and they spend most of their time doing what we affectionately call “chicken stuff,” which means walking in circles, scratching, and pecking at the grass/snow looking for tasty bugs and things. The chickens are supplemented with corn-free, soy-free, non-GMO feed and plenty of granite grit (they like that sort of thing).

To conform with our mission of full-circle sustainability and to deliver the highest quality farm products, we adhere to these farming philosophies:

  • perform intensively managed rotational grazing each year for as long as weather and grass production allow
  • when needed, use only corn-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and spray-free supplementary feed
  • maintain breeding stock to control the health and genetics of our animals
  • grow specific heritage breeds who can: 
    • thrive in our Northeast climate of hot summers and cold winters 
    • breed successfully to maintain and grow our herds 
    • grow and flourish on a grass-based diet
To find out more about our farm, please visit BOTLFarm.com

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