Willow Valley Farm

Good for the Earth. Good for you. — A CSA and market farm located in Willington, CT

Food for Friends

In 2015 we started a new program to help bring our fresh, high quality produce to local families in need of financial assistance. Our “Food for Friends” program offers the opportunity for community members with low or limited income to participate in our CSA program. Members who are able to pay more for a farm share can donate money and sponsor a family in need. Contact us if you would like more information about this program. Members are invited to include a donation with their CSA member contracts.

2020 Food for Friends Recipients receive a 50% reduction in share price.
Full Share: $500 $250          Half Share: $275 $137.50


Who is Eligible to Participate?

Limited-income applicants who meet the income eligibility standards below may participate in the program. If the reduced price is still prohibitive, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate. No additional paperwork is required.

***To participate, contact us: 860-933-5842 or wvfcsa@gmail.com***

2020 Income Guidelines (187.5% Federal Poverty Limit):

Family Size Annual Monthly Weekly
1 $22,763 $1,897 $438
2 $30,863 $2,572 $594
3 $38,963 $3,247 $749
4 $47,063 $3,922 $905
5 $55,163 $4,597 $1,061
6 $63,263 $5,272 $1,217
7 $71,363 $5,947 $1,372
8 $79,463 $6,622 $1,528
Each Add’l $8,100 $675 $156

Feedback from some of our 2017 Food for Friends recipients:

“The quality and variety of vegetables consistently exceeded our best expectations! My daughters and I were able to enjoy an abundance of the freshest food possible with the least amount of food-security anxiety than ever before. A CSA share has always been on our minds, yet always beyond our means until this year’s opportunity with Willow Valley. It became easy to eat quick and delicious fare all season and it wasn’t until the CSA ended that we realized how radically challenged our access to wholesome food really is, financially and via commercial supply chains. Thank you does not begin to address the spirit and understanding of the gift our csa share was to us; for 20 weeks, our table was free of the cheap, starchy food that made us feel as tired as it did poor and malnourished. Such beautiful and high quality, fresh food should not be so inaccessible, and yet for many, including us, it usually is. I feel inspired and encouraged to afford an annual share and trying to learn how our year-round food choices can be improved.”

“I have a family of five and we all love fresh produce, but it’s generally the most expensive part of my budget. Food for Friends allowed us to enjoy the bounty of summer at a price that we could afford, and we even got to try some new things, such as carrot greens, and some old favorites in new ways. My biggest surprise was learning that leeks are more than just a soup ingredient but make a robust side dish all on their own. We were grateful for the nutritious, flavorful meals we were able to prepare last summer, and look forward to another year with Willow Valley.”

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