Willow Valley Farm

Good for the Earth. Good for you. — A CSA and market farm located in Willington, CT

How Our CSA Works

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for members and farmers to partner in the production and support of locally grown, sustainable, high quality produce. Purchasing a share of the farmer’s crop at the beginning of the season benefits both member and farmer. The farmer has capital up front to purchase supplies for the coming season and members have fresh high quality seasonal fruits and vegetables for the time agreed on. CSAs encourage the daily consumption of a variety of nutritious, fresh produce, which can support long-term changes in diet and overall health.

Members and farmers share in the benefits and risks during the season. Weather, insect pressure, and plant pathogens all play a part in the bounty of the farm. We as farmers can minimize produce loss throughout the season by planning ahead and being adaptable during the season. Some years will have a banner season for some crops and less so for others. Given the cost of supplies and labor in preparing for the coming season, we are not able to refund share costs in the case of a crop failure. By supporting your local CSA you will have regular access to the freshest farm produce possible, strengthening your local food network and contributing to a more holistic approach to living on this planet!

Our CSA distribution lasts for 20 weeks and runs from the end of May to early October. Each week our members receive a share of a variety of seasonal vegetables for pickup at the farm or remote pickup location. There are three pickup day choices: Monday or Friday, 12-7 at the farm, or Tuesday 2-6 in Vernon. On-farm pick-ups receive a “market-style” share, which often involves choices of different crops. Remote pick-ups receive a more “standardized” share. Members pick up one day each week. Members should plan to pick up on the same day all season. See our 2019 CSA Member Agreement for more information about how our CSA works, or email us at wvfcsa@gmail.com with any questions!

Share Options:
We offer full and half shares.
Full share: $500  Half share: $275
Food for Friends (Subsidized Share): 1/2 price
Payment in full due by April 1st.

If there is a particular vegetable that is very abundant during the season (more than needed to fill our CSA shares) then there will be an opportunity to purchase more for canning or freezing from our farm stand. Our farm stand is open seasonally and is dependent on vegetable yields. See our “Home” tab for updates regarding our farm stand hours.

One thought on “How Our CSA Works

  1. Hi I was just wondering where in Vernon the Tuesday pick up is?? Thank you!!


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