Willow Valley Farm

Good for the Earth. Good for you. — A CSA and market farm located in Willington, CT

Why CSA May Not Be Right For You

CSAs depend on their members’ willingness to eat in-season. Many of our crops are dependent on the specific conditions of our farm and weather patterns. This means that varieties and quantities of our overall crop will differ from week to week. If you prefer to choose your own quantities or have a strong opposition to certain vegetable groups (tomatoes, lettuce, greens in general, etc.), CSA may not be for you. A better option would be a farmers’ market where you can select quantities and varieties better suited for your household.

Our pick-up days are Monday or Friday 12-7PM (on farm), or Tuesday 2-6PM (in Vernon). Although we would like to accommodate alternate pick up days and times for folks who are going on vacation or forget to pick up, offering this option significantly cuts into our time out in the field tending our crops. We recommend that members who are unable to pick up ask a friend to do so for them. If you are going to be out of town for a significant part of the growing season, our CSA may not be for you. *New for the 2018 season: We will be offering farmers’ market credit for up to 2 shares per season per member. See our CSA Member Agreement for more details/requirements about this aspect of the share.

Although we try to give our members a good deal on vegetables compared to farmers’ market prices, if you are looking for cheap food, our CSA is not for you. Our primary goals in farming are caring for the environment and providing our customers with the most sustainably grown vegetables possible. The costs of organic-approved materials and labor involved in “doing it right” are not cheap.