Willow Valley Farm

Good for the Earth. Good for you. — A CSA and market farm located in Willington, CT

Why Support Local, Sustainable Agriculture?

These are some of the reasons our members have provided:

What does local, sustainable agriculture mean to you?
Just that we get good fresh things and don’t have to shop at the Big Y
It means that it’s a win-win situation. We help to support you and your farm, and we get fresh from the farm veggies.
It means getting fresh, organic produce at an affordable price & supporting my local farmers.
Being a good steward to planet Earth.
Healthy food for my family, supporting the local economy, caring for our planet, setting a good example for my kids
It means getting wholesome veggies that I know are fresh. It means experimenting and trying new veg, something I NEVER thought I would be excited about!! (Don’t tell my mother!!) It means keeping local farmers in business so they can keep on growing the foods that make us healthy and happy.
Fresh tasty and sustainable
I really like developing a relationship with Spencer, Jackie and Julie. I like income going to the FARMER, instead of a grocery store. This provides an idea of how much you need to plant based on how many people sign up.
Everything! I can feed my family great organic produce. My children can see how important local farms are and how beneficial they are to communities. Plus it gets them excited to try new vegetables!
CSAs using organic practices are a great example!
Good food as fresh as it gets.
Grown locally using methods that will not deplete the soil or harm the environment
Trusting where my food comes from and how it is grown.meeting my farmers and knowing their names. Eating seasonally
Supporting local families, clean eating, and low/minimal environmental impact.
Low environmental cost for the food consumed. Safety and health benefits of organic growing methods
We’re love being able to to buy healthy food from our neighbors.
Better, fresher, more healthy produce. Better eating.
A lot! I grow some herbs and vegetables myself, and I am happy to share in your farm output. I would like to have a source for local eggs.
I think it is one of the most important endeavors a community can enter.
It means a lot to me that I am purchasing local, supporting local and doing a small part for our environment.
I am happy that I can get food grown naturally!
love local produce
Healthier lifestyle for me, my community, the world.
Fresh organic produce & supporting the local business
It’s great to know your farmer and know where your vegetables are coming from.
Local, without chemicals, fresh and seasonal
People helping people.
nearby/ct farmer produce. grown in a way that is good for people as well as “not harmful” to the earth or environment. my produce didnt get picked before it was ripe, it was not trucked in using lots of labor and fuel to get to me. it is not handled by lots of people at the grocery store-getting mangled and undesireble in texture and appearance. this produce was grow by neighbors in my community that i might see around town…..i might know the farmers. by buying their produce, i have helped them to thrive in an industry that is important and meaningful to them. thank you for all that you do!